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Music, movies and software industries have joined forces against piracy

MÜ-YAP has been defending for a long time that the sectors which were harmed by piracy should coordinate and unite enforcement activities. The first result of the efforts for this was the united enforcement activities of MÜ-YAP and AMPEC, sister company of MPA in Turkey. After the agreement between IFPI and MPA to coordinate the anti-piracy activities worldwide, these two organizations signed a protocol and started common raids on 1 April 2005.


At the beginning of June 2005 a media campaign has been started with the participation of BSA, Business Software Alliance.  The basic message of the campaign is to explain public that piracy is not different than theft.


Mr. Oskay, the President of MÜ-YAP says that the togetherness of the three groups will create a synergy which will in turn result with more powerfull enforcement activities.